Beginner Guide to Book Writing

Although writing a books may sound simple, many people don’t get to reach the end. And as each phase is equally challenging by itself, today I will try first to answer you from writing a book.

Are you looking to write your first book? confused about where to start and how to start? Here are a few tips that could help ease your journey to successfully completing your first ever book.

Why do you want to write a book? What do you want to write about? That is the first question you should ask yourself  when looking at how to write your first book. Writing a book is quite a challenging task you need to know what your book is about and what emotion you desire to arouse in your readers. Having a quiet and calm place to focus and think is another factor to consider when writing a book.


Anyone who can Focus,Think and has the passion of bringing their thoughts to life can successfully write a book. Writing is all about passion. All it takes is practice,practice practice until you become comfortable as a writer. The most important thing is to START! It takes time but the result is very satisfying.

The main step to take is to start writing regardless of your level or writing experience. Start with your idea and keep the consistency flowing. Don’t forget to be realistic with your goals and expectations. Writing though fun and rewarding would take time to blown into a full blown career.

Make your book as specific as possible that is, know what you are writing about especially if you are writing about a subject or project that needs detained information.

Make your project a priority. dedicate time and resources necessary to complete your task.

All in all, I would advice any new writer to be patient and NEVER allow difficulties encountered in the beginning of their writing career to overshadow them. With time everything falls into place.