Most Popular Species of Fish for Events

Fishing and fish keeping is very relaxing hobby.  Nature loving people tend to adopt such activities to ease their love for nature, colors and animals. People tend to keep them in small to large
aquariums. If you are thinking to keep them as pet, consider following points as they make an excellent addition to any event.


Here I will show you some tips to keep fish. First of all select a proper place to keep them. Keep them away from noisy places. Keep them at leveled place. Place them at such location where temperature is moderate.  Always move them carefully.

Be very careful in selecting species. Obviously you will go for attractive shapes and colors but be cautioned while selecting these.  Always consider their traits and always ask the question if this type of species will survive with other types or not.  While selecting species also double check the environment and choices of your events guests.

There are seven categories of fish to keep in aquarium. In these seven categories one can have around 3000 choices to select from. Some of the fish may have numerous qualities matching with other species. When you are keeping more than one species together you must be careful about their requirements and their ability to live in community. . Before keeping them make detailed comparisons and research about the requirements of each species.

Let`s first discuss catfish as one of the most popular fish among aquarium species. There are 2000 species of catfish each having different dominating traits. All of them have no scales. Some of these
species are very tough to keep while others are easy to keep.  Using an automatic fish feeder will make it easier to care for them.  This fish food dispenser from Eheim will work good.

Cichlids are species which are widely found in America, Asia and Africa. Their ability to survive in many climates, color and ability to adapt to new habitats makes them a favorite. Whereas, like every parent they became very aggressive while protecting their young. This nature makes them difficult to keep with other species.


Rainbow fish is another popular fish species. This type of species is small, peaceful, and colorful. Keeping them will be helpful while keeping them with different types of species .keeping them will be good addition to your event. Another type of fish is a killifish, which is small in size. They love to live near the surface.

No matter what fish you choose, your guests at the event will be sure to notice and love it.