How to Take Your Dog on an Airplane

For us animal lovers, the joy of being able to take a pet on an airplane with is a blessing, but without proper planning, it can be disastrous.

dog planeMany people often wonder what is necessary to take their pet on an airplane. It can be a very time consuming and difficult task without proper preparation. The number one thing a pet owner should remember is that every airline has its own set of rules. Be sure to contact the specific airline for the specific rules that pertain to its operations. That is priority number one. Also, be sure to give yourself plenty of time before the flight to get the necessary information. The airlines have given a lot of thought into safe travel, both for you and for your pet.

canine flyingNow, let’s examine some of the basic things that we pet owners should think about now that we know the airline we are traveling on and its specific rules. We should make sure that our pet is not sick, in distress, or violent. Some pets can be sedated for travel, but it is not recommended, especially for very young pets. If you feel that could be a problem, your veterinarian is the best source of information on that subject. Also, make sure your pet has the appropriate and necessary health documentation from your vet.

Small pets can travel in the cabin with you provided they are in a pet carrier that fits under your front seat. There are many great pet carriers on the market that will provide comfort for your small pet. Large pets must travel in the cargo compartment. You should not worry though. Experience from my first profession gives me the knowledge that the cargo compartment is safe and kept at a comfortable temperature for your pet. The air carriers will not allow any pets back there if that system is not functioning properly. Your dog crate or other pet crates should be clearly marked with “Live Animal” and “This Side Up” tags. You should also have your name, address, telephone number, and telephone number at your destination clearly marked on the crate. When looking for a crate for your pet, an industrial dog crate that is approved for air travel will be necessary.

A few general things to consider are: putting your pet’s favourite blanket and toys in the crate, booking a nonstop flight, and not feeding your pet just prior to departure. You don’t want your pet to get airsick, lost, or stuck out on the hot tarmac for a long time. Give your pet frozen water or ice cubes in his or her dog crate or pet carrier. It will melt slowly, keep your pet hydrated, and not spill so easily. Above all, enjoy the company your pet can give you during your travels. Hope to see you in the air.

Different Types Of Online Slots

When you come to register with Internet casinos so that you can play the range of online slots they have to offer you may initially be overwhelmed by the sheer choice that is on offer. As well as the more traditional slots that are usually the simplest to play, you can also find many other types. Bonus slots ad multipliers can enable you to win bigger prizes, but even those don’t tend to come close to the biggest prizes that are on offer in the shape of progressive


Online slots are one of the most popular games played online. Best games are ones that provides complete fun, entertainment, knowledge, and many offers to its players. It is not easy to find good games because it requires a lot of search and review reading. There are many types of online games available on the internet out of which you can find like online pokies for real money.

Some types of casino slots

Video slots-: these types of slot machines are highly popular with almost all online players. The main reason is that they have excellent graphics, many features, and a strong storyline. They also have very exciting symbols because of which players love to play these. The symbols include scatters, wilds, multipliers, and much more. In video slots, you will find five reels that have pay lines between 1 and 20. There are many themes associated with online video slots as well.

Classic slots-: in these, players who want some good old action at the slot machines will find a lot of excitement. These games usually have three reels, and they have pay lines from 1 to 5. Classics are no doubt simple, but they also contain wild and other types of symbols to provide the right entertainment to the player.

Progressive jackpot slots-: The classic slots in some way can be linked to progressive jackpot slots. Here, a small percentage of the bet made by every player is considered and added to the jackpot percentage till some player wins. Many times a specific combination can be achieved for winning this progressive jackpot.

Downloadable online slots-: The downloadable ones work very fast, and they have the best graphics. So this slot can be considered to some extent the top pick. Here, the game software has to be downloaded safely and quickly. Many online slot websites provide this software free of cost.

Online penny slots-: These are also a very popular category of online slots and are similar to brick and mortar version.

Best payouts-: there are a dozen of slot machines available online that will offer best payouts. Payouts vary from website to website, and each website has its different rules for payouts. People will have to search many websites to find out which one is offering the highest payout.

High roller slots-: These are basically for those players who are ready to spend a huge amount of money. Here, the payouts are also very high, and these have the highest stakes.

Online slot jackpot-: There are different kinds of websites offering online slots jackpots, so people will have to find out which among them is the best.

Loose online slots-: loose are also very exciting to play and have huge numbers of enthusiasts playing it regularly. Many online slot websites are offering them and users can select any one of them to start with the game.

Most Popular Species of Fish for Events

Fishing and fish keeping is very relaxing hobby.  Nature loving people tend to adopt such activities to ease their love for nature, colors and animals. People tend to keep them in small to large
aquariums. If you are thinking to keep them as pet, consider following points as they make an excellent addition to any event.


Here I will show you some tips to keep fish. First of all select a proper place to keep them. Keep them away from noisy places. Keep them at leveled place. Place them at such location where temperature is moderate.  Always move them carefully.

Be very careful in selecting species. Obviously you will go for attractive shapes and colors but be cautioned while selecting these.  Always consider their traits and always ask the question if this type of species will survive with other types or not.  While selecting species also double check the environment and choices of your events guests.

There are seven categories of fish to keep in aquarium. In these seven categories one can have around 3000 choices to select from. Some of the fish may have numerous qualities matching with other species. When you are keeping more than one species together you must be careful about their requirements and their ability to live in community. . Before keeping them make detailed comparisons and research about the requirements of each species.

Let`s first discuss catfish as one of the most popular fish among aquarium species. There are 2000 species of catfish each having different dominating traits. All of them have no scales. Some of these
species are very tough to keep while others are easy to keep.  Using an automatic fish feeder will make it easier to care for them.  This fish food dispenser from Eheim will work good.

Cichlids are species which are widely found in America, Asia and Africa. Their ability to survive in many climates, color and ability to adapt to new habitats makes them a favorite. Whereas, like every parent they became very aggressive while protecting their young. This nature makes them difficult to keep with other species.


Rainbow fish is another popular fish species. This type of species is small, peaceful, and colorful. Keeping them will be helpful while keeping them with different types of species .keeping them will be good addition to your event. Another type of fish is a killifish, which is small in size. They love to live near the surface.

No matter what fish you choose, your guests at the event will be sure to notice and love it.

How to Properly Host an Event

With the organization of events, you exit the virtual to enter the real. This is a great way to build your community via your social networks and to shake hands and exchange experiences with people.

There are 6 key steps in the sequence of events. The number of the steps does not matter, but their timing is essential. Relax, your event will be fine, just follow the guide.

Before getting into the thick of it, keep in mind that the integration of social networks to your event (before, during and after), make your life easier at every stage. For this, be sure to create your social presences and start your social media strategy well in advance.

Step 1: The Strategic Purpose of Your Event

Start by defining the purpose of your event. Three fundamental questions must be asked: What? Who? Why?

What is the message you want to convey?
Who do you want at your event?
Why would you like to organize an event?
What goal do you want to achieve?

The answers to these questions will guide you throughout the organization of your event. The most important is “Who is coming to the event? “Because it will make you fit your event so that your customer feel good.


Step 2: Place and Date of Your Event

After defining your event strategy, you can usually define the place and date. The famous question: Where? When?

Where do you want your event? Think about the factors that will make your guests happy and the time they have available for your event. Keep these two elements to an acceptable level!

When would you organize it? In setting the date, be sure to check the school holidays and public holidays. Avoid periods too busy for your customers. How long in advance do you need to inform or invite. The agenda of some people fills hard and well in advance. If this is the case your guests need to anticipate your invitation and be pre-informed of the date by a “Save the Date”.

Step 3: Content

After setting the “5 W” (what, who, why, Where, When) you will specify the content of your party or event. Of course, sometimes, the content can be so important that it will define the place or date. Here are questions to ask in this phase:

What are the key messages to be communicated?
What is their significance? Should there be a special animation to move them? Video or music to highlight?
What will be the response? Who will be speaker? Duration?
Who speaks when? How to position the CEO in all this?
Then you define the style and ambience to choose:

Buffet dinner? Meals eaten sitting or standing? Formal or relaxed atmosphere?
Again, let us never forget that we have 2 things to watch for; key messages communicate differently depending on the audience. Too solemn of an atmosphere can make people uncomfortable or annoy some people. What are the expectations of the guests?


Step 4: The “Highlight”

What a magic word: highlight! It means everything. The highest point, yes, but also a lack of light … In short, it is the icing on the cake, the element that your guests will remember. He too is defined by your participants. Cater to your guests, not to yourselves. This is important because it will leave a trace, a memory, an emotion. Today, it no longer affects people with a silver display, but through emotion. What is sustainability in a field as ephemeral as that of events?

Step 5: Organizing Your Event

After defining the scope of the event, we will eventually complete the logistics of all these elements that give it body. Novices often start there, and yet it is only once we have the established structure of events that we will address it. We will think in particular of:

Music – Technology – Animation
Media (do you want that we speak your event beyond the circle of your guests?)
Catering – Decoration

Parking – Safety
Home – Buttons – Hostesses. Photographer (to keep visual memory …)
Social networks (not necessarily all the sauces, but the question must be asked each time and the decision knowingly)

Step 6: Communicating Your Event

You should establish communication before your event, during your event  and after your event.

Before your event, it is important to invite people to attend your event, but also to motivate the people who are not in your mailing list. Newsletters and social networks will help you to extend your reach participants list. For this you can either create an event via your Facebook page or create a simple publication by advertising on Facebook. In the Facebook event is an additional place to animate.

You can invite your contacts on LinkedIn or in a newsletter, be careful that it is not treated as spam. Also remember not to use LinkedIn Pulse to publish the announcement of your events but rather in the news wire or private message.

During your event, you can integrate the live updates while having taken care to mention the hashtag to use on all your media. If you integrate social media to your event, it is imperative to have good wifi. Also remember to interact with your community during your event.

Before, during and after your event, you can include in your social media communication but also to facilitate the development of the network of your guests.
Let’s look at the track to talk about the communication after the event.


Step 7: Monitoring

Well, an event does not end at the end of the evening or when you close the door behind the last participant. After the event, consider monitoring.

Ask related LinkedIn people met with a LinkedIn profile to the top!
Talk again of the evening, for example on your social networks using the hashtag
Reactivate the memories with a Facebook album pictures
Make the most of your contacts with an optimal profile and LinkedIn, use that value to your business and your expertise. Find tracks that allow you to sell with LinkedIn.
An event will create a universe that facilitates trade, generating trust. Use the “potential sympathy,” the emotion that you created to open doors and get an appointment. The real business starts there, it does not happen during the event.

Sometimes bring a small gift is a good way to pass the filter of the secretary. It’s a snap to recall the positive emotion that your guests have felt during the evening.

The last tips for the success of your event:

Anticipate! Reflection and preparation take time.The more time you have available, the better your event will be focused and prepared. Better you target your event, then the return will be the one you expected. You will have better prepared and you will be more responsive to any last minute surprises. Ask the right questions at the right time To allow you to delegate the operation to free your time for your strategic thinking. For orchestrating the thousand and one details of the organization: Find providers, and third judge their quality and rates. Being reactive in case of last-minute wishes. Frame your evening and thus allow you to be available for your guests. These are our tips for a selected target and prepared event in a calm and thoughtful mind. This is what will make the success of your events! When will your next event be?